(Model No : SMC-1)


– No water hammer, reaction time of disc is very quick and it is closed with the spring tension before the reverse flow catived.
– Design is simple and easy for repair.
– By-pass valve installed to the body easily drains the water incase of repair/replacement.
– Rubber packing ensures the tight sealing and it is simple to replace.
– Horizontal and vertical installation of large diameter valves, it is nessary to use supports.
– Standard flange ends conform to KS but we can meet buyer’s flange ends requirement.
– Body material can be Cast steel, Bronze and Stainless, etc depending on the fluid to be used, temperature and pressure.

Description Material
Design API 594
Pressure Class 10㎏~40㎏. ANSI 150LB~300LB
DIAMETER 50A(2”)~600A(24”)
Material SCS13, SCS14, SCPH2, A351 CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WCB
Fluids to be used WATER, AIR, GAS AND OIL

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