Soosung Valve Industry Co., Ltd. (SSV) was
founded in 1990 as a manufacturer of specialty
valves and has been producing Dual Plate Wafer
Check Valve, Non-slam Nozzle Check Valve,
Smolensky Check Valve, Tilting Check Valve, Post Indicator Gate Valve and Dual Foot Valve.

SSV has supplied products for applications ranging from oil and gas refinery to chemical plant, power generation,
steel industry, ship building, water systems, pulp and paper mill, etc.
Over the past two decades, SSV has grown into one of the leading specialty valve manufacturer in Korea, now
aiming at leaping to the one of the world’s leading valve maker.

SSV is dedicated to producing quality valves and will focus on achieving greater satisfaction for our customers
who has chosen our supplies.

SSV will be striving for this goal and remain a valve manufacturer that specializes in specialty valves.

We look forward to having the chance being of service to you.

Dual Check Valve

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